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As the undisputed leader of Sports Conditioning Programs in Melbourne, No Regrets Personal Training have gained a reputation among the sporting community as the 'missing piece' of the puzzle to take your game from good to OUTSTANDING.

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Attention: Young up and coming tennis stars and adult pennant level players

Discover The Secrets To Unlocking Your Tennis Potential
> Are You Lacking Consistency In Your Game?
> Do You Want To Improve Your Serving Speed?
> Do You Have Reoccurring Shoulder Pain?
> Are You Struggling To Pick Up That Drop Shot?

If You Answered Yes To Any Of These Questions, We Invite You To Attend Our
FREE Two Hour Tennis Conditioning Workshop And Launch Of Our 12 Week Tennis Athlete Essentials Program on WEDNESDAY 2ND MARCH AT 7PM
At No Regrets Personal Training - 10/18 Redland Drive, Mitcham
> Are you constantly plagued by niggling injuries that you just can't seem to get on top of?

> Do you feel as though you have untapped potential but just don't know how to access it?

> Do you have dreams to play in the big time but need a helping hand to get there?

> Are you sick of 'go hard, go home' training that just doesn't seem to provide you with the results you crave?

> Do you feel as though your tennis coach helps you to play the game but doesn't necessarily understand your body's requirements in perform the intricate movements and skills required for your sport?

> Would you like to find out more about the importance of strength training and conditioning specific to the game of the tennis?
> Do you want to get on top of niggling injuries that you just can seem to get past?
> Would you like to access your untapped potential and take your game to the next level?

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We understand that beginning any new exercise training regime can create more questions than answers.

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Valued at $60, it will give you more information about us, an in-depth review of our our tennis conditioning program and what steps you can take to get the most out of your body.

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Wondering What You Can Expect At The Workshop?
The following videos (taken from our comprehensive YouTube channel) will give you a greater insight into what you can expect at our free tennis workshop (and 12 week program) and what makes us so unique in this field. To check out more videos, be sure to visit our YouTube channel by clicking here.
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Can You Please Tell Me More About The 12 Week Tennis Athlete Essentials Program You Are Launching During The Free Workshop?
What Is Included As Part Of The 12 Week Program?
  • 1 x One on One Training sessions per week for 12 weeks
  • Comprehensive assessment using the latest scientific training methods
  • Your OWN Balance, Strength & Agility Sports Kit to train at home
  • Customized flexibility, stability and strength program that targets YOUR specific weakness!
  • Access to world leading video library Ptenhance video format giving you the ability to re-view and print pictures of your key exercises
  • Detailed exercise analysis with exercises designed to correct YOUR movement patterns
  • Detailed assessment on nutrition, stress and lifestyle factors
  • Postural Assessment and In-Depth Analysis
  • Free Tennis e-Book "A Step By Step Guide To Tennis Specific Strength and Conditioning
  • Free Access To Our 1 Hour Tennis Workshop
I'd Like To Know More About The Balance, Strength and Agility Sports Kit To Train At Home?
As with any new exercise regime, it is important that you back up what you are learning at the gym with a solid and complimentary home program.

That is why we have created a very special tennis conditioning pack to compliment your gym program. Hand picked by the No Regrets team, the kit contains some of the items you will be using within the gym and will help to take your game to the next level.
ATTENTION: Before we delve into the program, I want to make one thing clear. This is NOT a tennis coaching program. You won't see a racquet in sight. You won't learn how to hit a ball correctly, serve the ball or hit a drop shot. If this is what you are after, we are unable to help you.

This program is for those who want to take their program to the next level by participating in a individualised program, based off your strengths and weaknesses, and includes all of the intricate movements and skills that are required for your game.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to register your spot for our FREE tennis
workshop. All of these questions and more will be addressed during this very special event.
Still Not Convinced?
Who We Are And Why You Should Listen To Us
There are many large gyms, 24 hour gyms and various Personal Training studios in Melbourne but there is very few places where you can train specifically for sports. At No Regrets Personal Training we provide not only the type of facility and equipment that is suited to training for sports, but we also have the knowledge, experience and proven programs to take your sporting performance to the next level. If you are a keen sportsmen or sportswomen who wants a training program to improve performance and make you the best at your chosen sport, you need more than the regular personal training “go hard, go home” style of training. You need a well designed by someone that understands how to assess your body's requirements for your chosen sport.
Hi, my name is Nick Jack and this is my wife, Melissa. As the Owner/Operators of No Regrets Personal Training, this is exactly what we offer. Having played many sports at a high level such as basketball, football and tennis and more recently distance running, cycling and triathlon, along with an immense amount of knowledge in rehabilitation, I have developed great insights into developing exercise programs that deliver results for my valued clients.
I personally suffered many injuries during my sporting career and have developed a passion for developing rehabilitation programs to help people fully recover from injuries and prevent further problems in the future. I only wish I had of know what I know now when I first started playing sport!

I'm passionate about research and expanding my knowledge so I can provide my clients with the best results possible. It is also for this reason that I have recruited a team of passionate, highly experienced and educated guys and girls that share our vision for first class, fun fitness that guarantees results, no matter your goal.
Client Case Study and Testimonial - Jera Staley
A Note From Nick

Jera Staley is an up and coming tennis star and came to us about 12 months ago to improve his co-ordination, posture and movement skills for tennis which he was already playing at a high level.

Jera had also been experiencing weakness in his left shoulder which was not only hampering his tennis game but slowly becoming a problem all the time. His parents and he felt he needed to have a program that would improve his overall conditioning strength and ability to move around the court better and without pain.

Jera is actually quite tall for his age, already 6 foot and although he is skilled at tennis his skills in movements such as lunges and rotation were not great. His posture could definitely be improved and his body's ability to know where it is in space (pro-prioception) also needed work.

We tested him on agility and co-ordinated movements specific to throwing athletes and began putting a program in place to correct any faulty patterns and postural deviations (see picture of Jera to the right using a tornado ball).
To read testimonials from our valued clients,
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1 x Set of 8 Micro Agility Hurdles (23cm)
1 x Set of 6 Small Agility Cones
1 x Length of Heavy Grade Resistance Tubing

A Note From Jera

“I came to No Regrets Personal Training to increase my strength, fitness, agility and quickness around the court. But I also needed to learn techniques on how to stay injury free as even though I am only 13 years old I was already accumulating many injuries due to the amount of time I played. I know I needed to do something but I was not sure what to do and where to start. After a slow start I achieved everything I was looking to do over the next 18 months and am now playing the best tennis of my life and about to leave to go to France on a scholarship program. With the friendly staff greeting you with a smile every time and the training working wonders no regrets is an amazing place to train and if you are considering personal training you should definitely look into it.”

In just 12 weeks we’ll train you to move better than ever before and improve your Tennis game guaranteed! We’ll assess you on day #1 and again on the last day. If your stats don’t dramatically improve, we’ll refund every cent to you on the spot.

Here is a taste of what you can expect during the workshop...
How To Add Up To 15km/hr To Your Serve!

There is many things to consider when trying to develop a formidable serve as a weapon. Obviously technique, practice, ball toss and even your physical genetic make up play a role in determining your overall service power.

But there is one common movement to both male and female players with big serves and that is ........ the ability to produce explosive internal rotation of the shoulder. It is in this action that approximately 40% of the raquet velocity is produced at impact. This is also true within the forehand to generate the heavy top spin used by players like Rafael Nadal.

So all you have to do is lots of shoulder internal rotation work right? No. Unfortunately it is not that easy. And also this is where many shoulder problems with rotator cuffs will begin to surface. The rotator cuff muscles are quite small and are predominately stabilizer muscles needed to provide stability to the shoulder and the ability to decelerate the arm so you don’t throw your arm out!

The power really comes from the legs, through the entire body and out through the arm. If you improve your squat you will go a long way to improving your serve as the timing of the muscles used in a squat is very similar to the service action. When a player serves well, they use both of their legs to drive up to give a higher hitting point, but also enabling a much more explosive shoulder over trunk rotation to strike the ball harder.
Improve Your Leg Drive & Improve Your Ground Stroke Power & Consistency

We have mentioned this already so far and a lot throughout this website but it is really the secret to your game. Leg drive is what provides the power!  Not just for tennis players, but for boxers, javelin throwers, shot put, hockey and even golf. Pretty much anything that needs a throwing action needs significant leg drive with perfect timing and coordination. It is referred to as the Kinetic Chain that produces a flow of energy through the body from little toe to the raquet. Watch how low a professional player is when they hit a ball at impact and in their back swing versus an amateur player who tries to use their arms to do all the work. We already mentioned how the squat helps to generate power for the serve but does the squat help the ground strokes in the same way?

Well yes and no. Let me explain. The stance in ground strokes versus serving are different, even a forehand to a backhand has a slightly different position and timing to it. In many cases it is more of a lunge than a squat. In ground strokes the back leg and hip are the first part of the chain. They begin trunk rotation and drive the torso upward and forward. This enables the trunk and the arm to build raquet speed. Without the leg drive minimal power is produced. Exercises that then target leg strength on the back leg moving into an explosive rotation are where you need to focus. Firstly you need to be sure you can complete basic lunges and multi direction lunges with loads before progressing to faster versions.

Once you have done this you can progress to many more complex and specific exercises to fully integrate the body.

One of our favorite exercises is the Barbell Squat Press Throw featured to the right.
2 Great Exercises To Improve Your Speed, Agility & Endurance On The Court

Make no mistake that balance and stability is so important to a tennis player. In order to cover the court as fast as possible, but remain well balanced with the head position in order to hit a perfect shot, the skills of balance, speed and agility must be practiced and perfected over and over and over........ I think you get it. And one of the best ways to do this is to lower your center of gravity closer to the ground. We have been teaching this concept for years, and it applies to all sports players and there is no better way to learn this than on an Extreme Balance Board.

When your center of gravity or mass is lower to the ground you are well balanced and almost immovable. Holding squats for 10 seconds not only improves your balance but also strength endurance.

But how does this make you move faster?

In tennis nearly every movement is begun with what is known as a “split step”, when the player makes a small jump into the air. At the top of the jump, the player can make a decision as to which way to move, forward, backward etc. When the player lands, the first step is the slowest and shortest. Meaning that if you can find a way to make this first step faster you are one giant leap forward in terms of your speed around the court. Using exercises with speed ladders, hurdles, cones that require this split step while emphasizing “keep low” will develop an incredible strength and ability to move fast, using split second reactions and skills. One of our favorite exercises is The Star Drill or Mirror Drill which will form a part of our 12 week tennis program.
Hello and welcome! My name is Nick Jack and I am the Owner/Operator of No Regrets Personal Training and I warmly invite you to our FREE 2 Hour Tennis Conditioning Workshop set to take place on Wednesday 2 March at 7pm.

This is perfect opportunity for you to learn more about our tennis specific strength and conditioning program. You will find out some of the secrets to taking your game to new heights. To be clear, this is not a tennis coaching program - you won't see a racquet in sight! Based off your strengths and weaknesses, this workshop will address all of the intricate movements and skills required for your game.

We will also be launching our 12 Week Tennis Program. Designed for those who are serious about getting the most out of their body and playing at an optimal level, it is limited to 9 places only with all participants receiving a FREE home agility kit complete with comprehensive instruction manual, hurdles, cones and rubber tubing.

I promise you that you have never seen anything like we will present at this special 2 hour workshop. Be sure to register your place by filling out the form to the right and I look forward to meeting you on March 2!
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